Use our floorplan PDFs to narrow down the elements and layout you’d like in your custom home. These are simplified blueprints we share to give homeowners a starting place for new constructions. While the dimensions and organization of rooms or entryways can all be modified to your liking, we find it most helpful for our consultations to work off of one or two of these modern home styles.

Find your custom home here and download the floorplan you love.

1-and-a-Half-Story Floor Plans

View our six blueprint options for building 1.5-Story homes, all featuring spacious finished basements, first floors with at least 1,500 sq. ft., and 3 car garages. Note key differences like ceiling pitch, exterior window style, and bonus rooms on the main and top floors.


2-Story Floor Plans

Full 2-Story custom home constructions are extremely popular and give contractors a wide variety of options when it comes to layouts and final designs. Notice that most floor plans feature second floors that have more square footage than the first floor. These are great for large families and those that would like their master separate from the main floor.


Classic Ranch Floor Plans

The ranch is a straightforward home design style that has both timeless appeal and allows for additions to be included quite easily. Choose a modest basement plan with a massive main floor, a large open living room concept in the middle, or custom options for building out additional rooms.

1.5 Story

Yankee Yankee Download PDF
Comiskey Comiskey Download PDF
Minute Minute Download PDF
National National Download PDF
Dodger Dodger Download PDF
Miller Miller Download PDF

2 Story

Comerica Comerica Download PDF
Mark Mark Download PDF
Turner Turner Download PDF
Fenway Fenway Download PDF
Large Williamson Large Williamson Download PDF
Custom 2 Story Custom 2 Story Download PDF
Citi Citi Download PDF
Safeco Safeco Download PDF
Small Wrigley Small Wrigley Download PDF
Wrigley Wrigley Download PDF
Large Comerica Large Comerica Download PDF


Citizen Citizen Download PDF
Target Target Download PDF
Custom Ranch Custom Ranch Download PDF